2013. augusztus 1., csütörtök

Lovely white blouse



hahaha, and the funny pictures:
hhihihi, és a vicces képek:

blouse | blúz : vintage
shorts : seconda-hand | nadrág : turi
moccasins | mokaszin : F&F

It's so hot here, in Hungary! Today was almost 38°C (100°F)! 
I love wearing this outfit, this is my favourite at the moment. It's very comfy and the blouse is so lovely! 

Nagyon meleg van ám! Tegnap majdnem 38°C volt itt, Sirokban! 
Nagyon szeretem ezt az összeállítást, jelenleg ez a kedvencem. Kényelmes, és a blúz pedig olyan szép!

Have a nice Thursday! 
Legyen szép napotok!

5 megjegyzés:

  1. Well, isn't this just the cutest! I adore everything about this outfit. The blouse is so lovely with the little eyelet pattern and collar. I really want a pair of simple shorts like that, none of mine fit quite right-those are perfect! And those have to be the most darling loafers ever-little bows on the toes?! I love it! :)

    1. Thank you so much, You are the sweetest! <3 I love this blouse because it's from my grandma and has a beautiful peter pan collar!

  2. Just lovely never underestimate the power of a white shirt/blouse it really brightens any outfit and this one suits you lovely my dear!


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