2013. november 12., kedd

Flea VINIPYCH - more than just fashion!

Hi friends! A lovely lady, Olga contacted me and told me about a fashion event. It will be devoted to high quality second hand dresses, as well as to charity. It will be international and you can meet many amazing people from all around the world. All in all, here is the official description of this event:

What: a charity event with a fashion twist
Where: 85 Király utca 1/2, 1077 Budapest
What time: 18:30 - 23:30
What to bring: skirts and dresses you do not need anymore; ideas on how to wear your boyfriend clothes

Dear guests,

Join us for a very special evening in a luxurious apartment in the heart of Budapest. Make this night unforgettable not only for yourself – by listening good music, meeting amazing people, sharing ideas and getting inspired over a glass of Austrian wine – but also for the kids of Flora Foundation.

This evening is organised to help collect the donation for the children with autism. So, come share your old skirts and dresses with other guests. By selling those you are getting an opportunity to donate 20% of the profit to the Flora Foundation and therefore help to create better opportunities for the kids.

Special of the evening: How do I wear my boyfriend’s clothes?
To loosen up the atmosphere we would like you to participate in a game. Share some interesting tips on how to wear boyfriend’s clothes. Let us know on our event page or send us an email with the image. It is both inspiring and fun to share with the guests of the evening. The best idea gets awarded with a bottle of Austrian wine.

In order for us to have all the information prepared and organised and make it easy for the guests to try out the dresses, we kindly ask you to send us the photo and information about the dress that you would like to sell to the following email: flea.vinipych@gmail.com or send a personal Facebook message to
Olga Olegovna Stepanova.

We will be delighted having you there and please RSVP of your coming!
Sincerely yours,

I'm very sad because I live very far away from Budapest. Unfortunately, I can not attend this event, but I think it will be amazing and so much fun! So, if you  are interested you can find the official facebook page here. I would like to say 'meet you there', but I won't be there. :((
Go and have fun !


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