2013. december 24., kedd

Merry Cristhmas!

I  would like to wish a very merry cristhmas to all my lovely readers! How do you usually celebrate this special day? I'm really interested in hearing about your traditions, because i'm sure we celebrate cristhmas in a different way here!

Minden kedves olvasómnak igazán nagyon boldog karácsonyt szeretnék kívánni! Hogyan szoktátok ünnepelni ezt a különleges napot?


3 megjegyzés:

  1. Lovely photos! My boyfriend and I just open up each other's gifts and I make a big Christmas dinner while in our Christmas PJ's and watch Christmas show and movies all day! Just a full day of enjoying each others company while in the Christmas spirit!


  2. so great! i'm glad you are having a beautiful day.
    we decorated our tree this with afternoon. then we also had a big dinner with my family , with all the traditional hungarian dishes. so yummy!


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