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The Liebster Award

 I've been nominated for the Liebster Award by two lovely bloggers, Jaime of Hard Crimson and Berlyn of The Myopic Squid! Thank you so much! <3  
 As I saw on Jaime's blog:  The Liebster Award is given to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers whose blogs are deemed worthy of more recognition. After being nominated, you have to answer the 11 questions posted by who nominated you, post 11 facts about yourself, and then make your own set of eleven questions. Then you spread the love and nominate 11 other bloggers! " 
 Well, I'm really proud to answer these questions, but if it's not a big problem I wouldn't like to pick another 11 bloggers because obviously I'd only pick Jaime and Berlyn I haven't found any great but very small blog recently. So here we go!

Jaime's Questions

1. What's something you've always wanted to do, but have been afraid to do? Wear clothes in the way I want. I've never dressed completely the way I wanted, but I'm working in it and I think my style is improving slowly.

2. What's your go-to statement piece? My red oxfords. I love it. 

3. How many languages can you speak, and what are they? My mothertongue is Hungarian. I speak English and a little bit German ( I'm learning them at shool) and I used to learn Latin. Hungarian is my all-time favourite, a legcsodálatosabb nyelv a világon. I also really like English because it's easy and now I understand many things, German is also great and Latin was very very very exciting, I miss it so much!

4. What song are you playing on repeat right now? Hmm, I would say all songs of Neutral Milk Hotel. I'm addicted. My playlist looks like 'In the Aeroplane over the Sea' album then 'Ferris Wheel on Fire' album then ' On Avery Island' album. My song playing on repeat now is Engine by NMH and Talkin' Blues by Bob Marley & The Wailers. I also really love Bob Marley and reggae.

5. Do you listen to vinyl/own a record player? Why or why not? Yep, we have a really old hungarian record player and I bought Bob Marley & The Wailers vinyls at the antique market last year.

6. What's the best present you've ever received? Life from God and my family. The best present in life! (By the way I got a Nikon camera from my parents to my birthday and several film cameras from my relatives, these were pretty good things, too because I love cameras.)

7. Do you have any unexpected or random talents? I think I don't have any. I can knit sweaters, sew dresses and my hair always looks great.

8. Do you have any tattoos or piercings? No, just earrings but I guess it doesn't count! I would really like to have a tattoo one day.

9. If you could live in the universe of any movie or book, which one would you choose? The Golden Pot by E. T. A. Hoffmann.

10. Share a favorite quote. I love Villon's Ballade: Du Concours De Blois :
' Nothing is sure for me but what's uncertain:
Obscure, whatever is plainly clear to see:
I've no doubt, except of everything certain:
Science is what happens accidentally:
I win it all, yet a loser I'm bound to be:
Saying: ‘God give you good even!' at dawn,
I greatly fear I'm falling, when lying down:
I've plenty, yet I've not one possession,
I wait to inherit, yet I'm no heir I own,
Welcomed gladly, and spurned by everyone.'

11. Why did you start blogging? I had been reading blogs for 2 years and I really wanted to join the fun and meet great people from all around the world. (I also wanted to improve my english by writing in english. I know it's still not perfect!)

Berlyn's Questions

1. What is your all-time favourite album and why? The first is 'In the Aeroplane Over the Sea' by Neutral Milk Hotel because it has beautiful but sad lyrics and amazing music. The second one is 'Confrontation' by Bob Marley and The Wailers because reggae music always makes me happy!!!

2. Do you have any nicknames? How did you get them? Yes, my nickname is 'Gyapi', which means 'wooly' or 'fleecy' in Hungarian. One of my classmates gave it to me and first it was a jeer, but now everybody call me Gyapi, even the teachers.

3. What's the farthest from home you've been and why did you go? I think it was the school trip when we visited England, it was about 1800 km. The second was when we went on a family holiday to Zakynthos, it was about 1700 km. 

4. If you could only keep one article of clothing that you currently own, what would you choose?
I'm not sure but it would be definitely something of the clothes I got from my Grannys.

5. Who inspires you? My lovely Granny and bloggers like Berlyn, Jaime, Elycia of Love Elycia,Kaylah of The Dainty Squid etc.

6. Pick a famous person, living or dead, that you'd like to meet. Why did you choose them?
Instead of famous people I would really like to meet some bloggers of my favourite blogs. of course I'd like to meet Jeff Mangum 

7. Do you collect anything? Why or why not? Yep, I collect old and new  cameras and old clothes from my Grandmothers.

8. Share a favourite memory. All the things happened in our trip to England. It would be long to tell all those stories but I just really miss those days. 

9. What does your perfect day look like? Hiking with friends all day  or  a day with sewing and knitting and walking with my Granny. 

10. Are you a bookworm? What's your favourite story? No, not really. I only read those books what we learn in school and I really like The Golden Pot by Hoffmann and Candide by Voltaire.

11. If you could visit any place in any era, where would it be? I'd visit a clothes store in the USA in 1940,  Rome in the Roman Empire in 100 B.C.,  my village in 1900 and Peru in the 16th century. 

11 facts about me
  1. When I was younger I used to think that pastry is a really healthy food. Now I know pastries are the most unhealthy things to eat.
  2. I've never had a long hair but now I would really really really like to grow it. 
  3. Altough I have a blog, I dont really like the internet. I just don't like this whole technology-thing. I think I would be happier if I lived in an earlier era, like in 1930's. This world is not for me. 
  4. I've got a really small room and 2 sewing machines in it, and it often lookes like a dressmaker's workshop. A corner of my room is  also filled with yarns and fabrics.
  5. I'm not a descensive person. I can hardly decide on small things, especially on really really small things. I had been thinking on starting a blog for half a year! 
  6. I unofficially have a dysgraphia. No, it's not that hard but I often mix up letters when I have to write quickly ( especially when i'm writing notes on lessons at shool). Like I write letter 'v' instead of 'f', 'a' instead of 'u' and so on...
  7. I couldn't live without curly hair.
  8. I actually live in a student's hostel/dorm next to my school. I go to school in Eger and I live there on the weekdays, but my home is at a really small village near Eger and I only got home on weekends and in school breaks. I both love living in the countryside and living in a beautiful baroque town.
  9. I'm catholic and I believe in God.
  10. I've got a fear of horses. I don't like horses altough I like all kind of animals (frogs, birds, insects...)
  11. I love Doctor Who. I only watch this series. 

Just for fun, here are some photos from 2011:

Oh my gosh, that's my longest post ever. Thanks for reanding this all!

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